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Flourish Me Retreat -  7 Steps to Simply Flourish
Transform your life and reclaim your joy using the power of positive psychology.

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Imagine..…A Transformational Experience Where You Will Learn How to Reclaim your Joy and transform your mind to create the life of your dreams faster than you ever thought possible.

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This event is where I get to teach the exact concepts, strategies and tools that have allowed me to reclaim my joy after a devasting loss, generate seven figure income, overcome anxiety and depression, launch online business and coaching classes, becoming location-independent, traveling to “bucket list” destinations, building a beautiful relationship with my husband, John and finding the love of my life after 40,  and of course, making a difference in the lives of thousands of women all over the world!

Flourish Me is about living your best life possible and mastering your MINDSET so that you can create the of your dreams.

It’s about reprogramming your mind and incorporating Positive Psychology tools in your daily living to create magical, mindful moments in everyday life.

 Flourish Me is Believing that you can be, do and have anything you want in this lifetime.

Let go of fear, sadness, anxiety, depression, loss, life struggles and anything holding you back from living your dreams and guaranteeing your success.


Cultivating new thoughts, habits and behaviors that will allow you to turn your wildest dreams into reality.

Ultimately, it’s about YOU.  Nurturing, loving and taking care of YOU and falling in love with yourself and why you are entitled to flourish in this lifetime. 

woman reclaiming her joy using the power of positive psychology
Woman transforming her life

Ready to Flourish….

Are you stuck, un motivated, confused, scared?
Look no further, as a Chief Flourishing Officer, Positive Psyc
hology, Practioner,  seasoned entrepreneur & consultant for over 25 years with a array of businesss, I am commmited to helping you or your organization break free from languisning in the day to day and begin flourish fearlsessly.

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