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Pioneering Positive Psychology Programs for Preschool

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New Positive Psychology Program for our Preschool Students.


What is Positive Psychology? Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.


The field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play.

Simply Flourish created  the worlds first Positive Psychology program for Preschool- Positive Psychology Enrichment Program to promote positive practices in preschool students. This program will incorporate practices such as Mindful Meditation, Power Pose Yoga, Growing with Gratitude as well as Grounded with Grit classes specifically designed for young children to strengthen their emotional intelligence.


These Programs and classes offered will help children build the foundation of skills such as Optimism, Self-Discipline, Mindset growth and other fundamental tools to for optimal success and growth for young children.

Some of the Core Classes


  • Power Pose Yoga - Build Confidence, Boost Self Esteem as well as encourage flexibility and relaxation in today's busy child. 

  • Mindful Meditation for Kids - Meditation Classes geared for children to help them with anxiety, test preparation and overall emotional well being.

  • Growing with Gratitude - This class will incorporate Daily Gratitude Practices in children to help them develop an appreciation and gratitude for the world around them.

All of these core classes and concepts assist in building a strong emotional intelligence and positive psychological baseline for them to utilize as they continue to grow.

The concept is to plant the seeds of positive psychology in our students to assist them in flourishing into healthy, happy and successful adults.


Positive Psychology Classes could INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:


  • 20 Min Mindful Meditation Practice for Children

  • 20-30 Minute Power Pose Yoga Classes - Children will participate in Yoga Classes which encourage yoga relaxation practice as well as Power Pose Yoga which is where children are conditioned to stand in a Power Pose Position which will encourage to help build self esteem in young children. 

Research has shown that Students who practice Mindful Meditation practices on a daily basis are shown to reduce anxiety, 

especially prior to testing as well as show  significant improvement on test scores as well as standardize testing as well as increase behavior and attention span in the classroom. 


The premise behind the flourishing classes for preschool age children is to teach them the flourishing skills during their
formative years so as they continue to grow and develop, they will not only have a basic fundamental education
(Colors, Shapes, Number, Reading, Etc), they will also have the foundation of flourishing skills to set them up to be successful adults.

Ready to Flourish….

Are you stuck, un motivated, confused, scared?
Look no further, as a Chief Flourishing Officer, Positive Psyc
hology, Practioner,  seasoned entrepreneur & consultant for over 25 years with a array of businesss, I am commmited to helping you or your organization break free from languisning in the day to day and begin flourish fearlsessly.

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