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Image by Nastuh Abootalebi


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Michelle Leary, Simply Flourish


Chief Flourishing Officer @ Simply Flourish Programs
“The purpose of life is a life of purpose” Robert Byrne

My  mission is to share my gifts of creativity, education, and entertainment with you as I am committed  to customized coaching and consulting exclusively designed to meet you where you are at and then take you further to boundless success.  
I specialize in coaching and consulting women, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, companies, schools, and organizations while helping them flourish by using effective positive psychology principles with mind body holistic techniques.  

Michelle has over  30 years’ experience in education, non for profit, corporate and entrepreneurship coupled with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Certification in Applied Positive Psychology, Mindful Meditation Certification in addition to Life Coach Certification backed by the International Coaching Federation. 
Let me use my 30 years of experience to help you transform your life and go from languishing to flourishing in seven simple steps.


Ready to be boundless, fearless and flourish?

Let’s make it official and start our journey together today. 

"Nothing makes me happier than to see my clients begin again and continue to thrive in all areas of their lives."

                                                                                                                                              Michelle Leary, Simply Flourish

Ready to Flourish….

Are you stuck, un motivated, confused, scared?
Look no further, as a Chief Flourishing Officer, Positive Psychology, Practioner,  seasoned entrepreneur & consultant for over 25 years with a array of businesss, I am commmited to helping you or your organization break free from languisning in the day to day and begin flourish fearlsessly.

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