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Welcome to Simply Flourish.
Reclaim your joy.  Transform your life.

Discover the Seven Step framework on how to apply positive psychology to everyday life and reclaim your joy. 
Our mission is  simple.  We want to share the power of positive psychology through real time coaching and change your life to what is possible.

At Simply Flourish, we empower Individuals to Flourish Through Integrated Approaches to Well-being. Our approach is Holistic Wellness and Personal Development. We believe that true wellness is not just about the physical body, but also encompasses the mind, spirit, and emotions. Our certified coaches and nutrition experts work with you to create personalized plans that are tailored to your unique needs and goals. We are here to guide and support you on your journey to optimal health and well-being.

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Simply Flourish is committed to sharing the transformative power of positive psychology while helping individuals, children and organizations prosper through innovative training programs, coaching and consulting services. 
Our program fosters flourishing by incorporating the alignment of the mind, body and spirit while inspiring, elevating and empowering people, organizations and schools with the skills and tools to achieve happiness, success and well-being in all aspects of their lives. 


Our mission is simply; Transform your life using the power of positive psychology.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients gain the self confidence needed to  reach six figure income levels, build lasting relationships and shine bright  in their personal and professional lives.


Happier YOU equals personal freedom, time, money and gratitude for the little  and BIG things in this world. 

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Our Simply Flourishing Model


Michelle Leary, Simply Flourish - mind, body, spirit


Michelle Leary, Simply Flourish - mind, body, spirit


Girl Running in Field at Sunset, Simply Flourish, mind, body, spirit

"Mind, body, spirit" is a holistic concept that acknowledges the interconnectedness of different aspects of an individual's well-being. It suggests that a person's overall health and wellness are influenced by the integration and balance of three fundamental components:


  1. Mind: The mental aspect encompasses thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and cognitive processes. It involves intellectual and emotional well-being, psychological health, and cognitive functioning. Maintaining a healthy mind involves managing stress, nurturing positive thoughts, and addressing psychological and emotional challenges effectively.

  2. Body: The physical aspect refers to the physical health and well-being of the body. It involves factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and overall physical health. Caring for the body includes eating a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, getting sufficient rest, and addressing physical health issues.

  3. Spirit: The spiritual aspect is often the most diverse and personal of the three components. It encompasses a person's values, beliefs, sense of purpose, and connection to something greater than oneself.  Cultivating the spirit can involve practices like meditation, prayer, mindfulness, and self-reflection.

The concept of "mind, body, spirit" recognizes that these three dimensions are interconnected, and imbalances in one area can affect the others. Achieving balance and harmony in these areas is often seen as a path to overall well-being and personal growth. Many holistic and complementary approaches to health and wellness, such as holistic medicine, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, are based on this tripartite model.

Ultimately, "mind, body, spirit" is a framework for understanding and promoting a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Michelle Leary, Simply Flourish


7 Steps to Simply Flourish

Thank you for choosing this self-help book that is more than a self-help book, versus a life changing or life altering (book)!
Flourishing is a an action word.  It is a verb that is not designed for a affluent sub group of highly successful people.  It is not designed for the 1% of the population with trust funds and bank accounts with multiple zeros that some of us can not even fathom.
Flourishing is a (God) given right to all of us and we are entitled to flourish during this lifetime.  This book will allow you to learn seven simple steps to Simply Flourish and our hope that the science based flourishing skills explained in the book will help create a ripple effect which will not only allow you to flourish individually but enable all of us to flourish collectively and we are part of a flourishing society where the verb flourishing is something that we do in our everyday lives and is comparable to sleeping and eating we are flourishing.

Although this book seems like an optional read and is placed in the book store (if they still exist by the time this books is published) near every other Self Help How To He  Happy book, this book is a necessity and should be a required reading for anyone who feels like they are drowning in life.  It is designed for anyone who feels like they are swimming in quicksand or drowning in life and going through the everyday motions of  work, sleep, eat repeat.  Work Sleep Eat Repeat…..If this sound like your everyday life and you feel like you are on auto pilot and can not get off and have no spark left in your ignition or if you feel like your photograph of yourself is fading from color to black and white and the eventually non existent…this book is designed for you.
This beautiful gift of life, we were created as beautiful sunflowers to stand tall and stand out and bright even during the rainiest of season.

Coming 2024

Coming Soon!

Simply Flourish. Collage of happy multi ethnic kids of reading books on colorful backgrounds.

Pioneering Positive Psychology Programs for Preschool

New Positive Psychology Program for our Preschool Students.


What is Positive Psychology? Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play.

Simply Flourish created  the worlds first Positive Psychology program for Preschool- Positive Psychology Enrichment Program to promote positive practices in preschool students.

This program will incorporate practices such as Mindful Meditation, Power Pose Yoga, Growing with Gratitude as well as Grounded with Grit classes specifically designed for young children to strengthen their emotional intelligence.

These Programs and classes offered will help children build the foundation of skills such as Optimism, Self-Discipline, Mindset growth and other fundamental tools to for optimal success and growth for young children.

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Ready to start your journey towards optimal health and well-being? Book a consultation with certified coach and life style specialist Michelle Brent today.

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Are you stuck, un motivated, confused, scared?
Look no further, as a Chief Flourishing Officer, Positive Psychology, Practioner,  seasoned entrepreneur & consultant for over 25 years with a array of businesss, I am commmited to helping you or your organization break free from languisning in the day to day and begin flourish fearlsessly.

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